Yuri Empire – 032

Yuri Empire

032 The 8th Pillar of Gods

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Simply put — I took faith and became a god.”

“Took faith…?”


Yuri nods to Ados who repeats her word. Then put her fingertips on the chin and slowly organize the thoughts for explanation.

“Well, where should I start talking from? Well, there are seven gods in this world right now. Well, just two weeks ago I joined, and now it has increased to eight pillars. You can see that there were only seven gods until then, right? ”

“I know.”

“That’s right. However, this situation of “Seven Pillars of God” was the result of one pillar of God falling to zero, that is, no longer being a god, a little over a hundred years ago. Lydina said that it was normal to have “eight pillars”. ”

In this world, one week consists of ‘eight days’. The reason is that “eight days of the week” were established because there are eight pillars of Gods at the time when the calendar was established. Therefore, each day of the week has a name related to God. For example, the day of “healing” associated with the healing god Lydina.

“I know that too. I was actually alive at that time.”

“Oh … By the way, that’s right. If you’re Ados, it wouldn’t be strange to actually know that time.”

It’s hard to imagine from the current appearance of Ados, which is returning from old age due to the effect of Ochimizu. His age is “151”, so it’s no wonder he remembers “a hundred years ago”.

“In other words, what I want to say is — Originally, this is a world that is supported by eight gods.”


“Lydina used to call it a ‘God’s Seat’. It might be easier to think that there are “eight seats that can make you a god when you sit on it” in this world.”

There was just one seat available, so anyone could sit.
―――― Actually, it was Lydina who said such words.

But since Yuri heard from Rubetta before that Ados, who had been hoping for his wife’s healing for many years, is a devout believer in the healing god Lydina, so she doesn’t want to drop Lydina’s stock in front of him.

“It’s about the “faith” I mentioned earlier. God has the power to cause some “miracles” in this world. For example, to calm natural disasters and reduce the number of demons. It seems that they are dealing with events that cannot be dealt with by human hands.
However, God cannot inexhaustibly cause “miracles”. It seems that God consumes the “faith” that the believers have offered over the years when performing miracles, just as one consumes “magical power” when exercising magic or magical arts.
―――― By the way, Ados. How do you think gods collect more of this “faith”?”

“Well, that’s right… I think the more believers there are, the more faith will gather.”

“That is also the correct answer. “Faith” is the power that is dedicated from believers to God with prayer. Therefore, as the number of believers increases, the amount of gathering will naturally increase.
But in reality, there seems to be a more efficient method. Lydina says it’s about getting an ‘enthusiastic believer’. ”

“En, enthusiastic believer …?”

“Yes. To put it simply, one “enthusiastic believer” who even lives for God will gather more “faith” than 10,000 “believers who believe in God moderately”. That’s how it seems. ”

Among the seven gods other than Yuri, “Healing God Lydina” is overwhelmingly gathering faith, Yuri heard from the person in question — Lydina herself. Although there are many believers. More than that, it is said that the benefits of having a few people who enthusiastically believe in “Healing God Lydina” are great.

Lydina is literally the god who controls “healing”. Therefore, in this world, people who are seriously injured or suffer from illness will surely pray to “Healing God Lydina”.

And it seems that the priests who treat injuries and illnesses are usually followers of “Healing God Lydina”. Therefore, the patient listens seriously to the preaching of the priest who treats devotedly, and deepens their understanding of God there.

Of course, if the injury or illness heals, the gratitude will also be directed to “Healing God Lydina”. In particular, the more one prepared for “death”, the greater the gratitude of those who suffered from serious injuries and illnesses, and Lydina often gets “enthusiastic followers” on that occasion.

“Ludina said that I seemed to be in a ‘good position’ in that respect.”

“… What? Good position?”

“If I become a God, there will be 359 enthusiastic believers with me.”

With a slight bitter smile, Yuri said so.

If Yuri becomes a God, everyone in the “Yuri Empire” will become Yuri’s “enthusiastic believers”. ――― Apparently, Lydina thought so.

It was a problem because she couldn’t say that the calculation was wrong.

In fact, the children of “Water Lilies”, one of the most loyal believers in “Yuri Empire”, quickly separated from the gods of the “Leangard” world as soon as Yuri became a god, and became a faith in Yuri. They have converted.

As Lydina put it, if the existence of one “enthusiastic believer” is more valuable than the 10,000 “believers who believe in God moderately”. Expectations for the faith that Yuri can obtain may be much higher than having 3.59 million followers.

“I have no intention of doing anything just because I became ‘God’.
―――― I have clearly obtained consent from Lydina on this point. I have no intention of doing charity or acting good just because I became a god.
However, instead, I don’t know how the other seven gods will use the “faith” I have collected. I promised Lydina that I would never claim ownership of it just because it’s faith I had collected. ”

“… Princess. May I ask you one question?”

After saying so, Primula, the captain of “Red Rose (Enclaise)” raised her hand.

What she wanted to say was immediately understood by Yuri.

“Please, Primula. Any questions?”

“Excuse me, from the story of the princess, I can only hear that the other seven gods are unilaterally trying to use the princess.”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s just a one-sided relationship for me.”

In response to Yuri’s words that she immediately admitted, the meeting place shook.

Everyone in the “Yuri Empire” always thinks about Yuri first. ――― never proud of themselves, and Yuri understands it correctly. It was also immediately understandable that everyone was really angry at the situation where Yuri is “unilaterally used”.

“Everyone calms down your anger. Don’t scare Rubetta and Ados very much.”

In response to the rapid bubbling of murder, the bodies of Rubetta and Ados were so scared that they shook their bodies slightly. Because she invited them to the meeting from there, she doesn’t want to bother them.

“Sure, I’m the one who is being used, but there are still two reasons why I accept Lydina’s story.
Needless to say, the first is about “water lily”. The reason why they were unable to use sacred magic was the difficulty of “conversion”. It’s natural that it’s difficult to abandon the gods you’ve been worshiping until now and re-believe the gods in this world.
But if I could become the “God” of this world, the story would change. Even if the water lilies don’t know the name of God until a few weeks ago, they can believe me, because I’ve been with them for over 20 years. I thought so.
And — Actually, “water lily” regained its power. Right, Sera?”

“Yes. By ‘converting’ to Yuri-sama, all the sacred magic we have learned can now be exercised again.”

In response to Yuri’s words, Sera, the captain of the “water lily”, agreed and answered.

That day, the magic of [Full Range Recovery] exercised by Euclase in the hospital building next to the cathedral is by no means a coincidence.

“Parfe and Hera too, is there any problem?”

“Yes, my sister! we can use it without any problems.”

“We have already confirmed that magic can be used in’ Shirayuri’ as before.”

Parfe, the captain of “Himeyuri (Patia)”, and Hera, the captain of “Shirayuri (Estia)”, also respond to Yuri’s words. “Water lily” is not the only user of sacred magic. For the children who belong to Himeyuri and Shirayuri, it is important to regain the sacred magic.

“Another reason I accept the story is that I had a great thanks to Lydina.”

“… Thanks? Is there anything that happened to my sister in the past?”

“Yeah. I’ll talk about this on another occasion… I have the greatest thanks to Lydina, so if it is convenient for Lydina to ‘become God’, that alone was a good reason to accept the story.
I’m very happy that everyone got angry when I heard that I was being used unilaterally. For that reason, please do not resent Lydina. It seems to me that it’s hard for the children I love to be hostile to my benefactors.”

When Yuri said so, the hostility that was still quietly swirling in the meeting place was scattered. When Yuri says she doesn’t like it, even the grudge is immediately forgotten.

―――― Really, all of them are too good for me.

In the heart, Yuri thought about that again.

Yuri Empire

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