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Yuri Empire

033 Rubetta of Silence

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Then Yuri discusses some agenda items.

“Let’s put off the kinky topic and discuss it from the domestic affairs first.”

Yuri said so, the first agenda was about “cleaning the city”.

At the lord’s building, where the “Yuri Empire” is currently based, the building itself is surrounded by a [purification barrier] to deal with the stench. In fact, the magic of the effect of “cleaning something” is a territory that water lilies are better at than red plums’ barriers. The magic of [purification] used by the water lily children can be transformed into a clean environment in a much wider range than the [purification barrier].

Of course, [Purification Barrier] also has a clear advantage in that it continues to exert the effect of “Purification” within the barrier. However, unlike [Purification Barrier], which consumes valuable materials, [Purification] used by water lilies can be exercised simply by consuming magical power. In that case, even if it is only a symptomatic treatment, there is no way not to take advantage of this.

“Can Sera [purify] the entire city of Nildea with a single magic?”

“There is no problem, Yuri-sama. [Purification] is a low-level magic that even a fledgling <priest> can easily learn. Even if the range of effect is expanded enough to fit the city, the amount of magic power consumed will be small.”

“That would be okay. I wonder if it would be a burden to have the children of “Water Lilies” rotate from tomorrow and [purify] the entire city every hour?”

“Since 24 people of “Water Lilies” are in charge of 24 hours, the work required of individuals is only to use the magic of [Purification] once a day on time. This will not be a burden at all. So let’s do it today, not tomorrow. Should we use more magic? ”

“You don’t need that much. The magic of [Purification] will also remove all the filth in the city that is the source of bad odors. Even if you clean it once an hour, it’s a little too clean. That’s right.
―――― Then, I will order “water lily”. From today until the relocation of the city of Nildea is completed, please perform [purification] at regular intervals to keep the city hygiene clean.”

“I understand, Yuri-sama.”

The problem of bad odor is a problem that will be solved if “Kikyo” completes the new city. Until then, it was decided that the water lily would be dealt with by [purification]. In the end, Yuri and Sera just exchanged talks, and there was no opinion from the surroundings, so it may not have been necessary to bring it to the meeting place.

The second internal affairs agenda is about sending “water lilies” to the cathedral to act as “free healers”. This is a proposal recently made by the water lily that has completely regained their power.

Originally, the water lily children who were thinking of “converting to the god of this world if possible” often visited the cathedral of Nildea and were taught about the god of this world. The point is that everyone in the water lily wants to give back to the cathedral in the form of therapeutic service.

“We weren’t originally involved in the ‘destroyer’ work because we weren’t as agile as the other troops, nor were we able to make ranged or widespread attacks. We just waiting at the lord’s house. I was wondering if it would be okay to imitate a healer at a nearby cathedral. ”

“I see. If everyone in the water lily wants to do it, I don’t mind.”

“Sorry, Your Majesty Yuri. Do you mind your opinion?”

When Yuri tried to allow it immediately, an unexpected person raised her hand.

It’s Rubetta. It seems to be a topic that has nothing to do with her, who is the chairman of “Rostine Shokai”.

“Is there anything, Rubetta? Please let me know.”

“Yes. As far as I can tell, I’m sorry to say that you don’t seem to know how much it costs to get treatment at the cathedral.”

“… I don’t know at all. What about Sera?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know about it.”

To be sure, Yuri does not know how much the “treatment cost” that the cathedral charges when healing an injury or illness. If you offer “free treatment” to the other party, you should know the degree.

“Rubetta, could you tell me more?”

“Yes. This is not limited to Nildea’s cathedral, but church facilities have set grades from “5th grade” to “1st grade” in advance according to the degree of injury or illness to be treated. Patients will be billed for donations according to their grade.
If it is a minor injury, it is “5th class treatment” and the donation amount is about “3000-5000beth”. If the bleeding or pain is severe and the injury interferes with your life or work, it will be treated as “3rd class treatment” and the donation amount will be about “60,000-80,000 beth”. If one or more limbs are lost or the whole body is severely burned, it will be the highest grade “first-class treatment” and the donation amount will be about “2 million to 5 million beth”.”

“5 million …!?”

Sera screamed too surprised to hear Rubetta’s story. Although she didn’t speak out, Yuri was also surprised enough.

The salary paid to the widow who is in charge of cleaning at the “stall” is “2500beth” per day. I’ve heard that even this is a fairly large amount of money, and the daily wage rate when working at Nildea is about “1200-1500beth”.

In other words, even for the treatment of minor injuries, the salary for a normal person for 2 to 3 days is taken.

If it was seriously injured, it would be 2 million at the lowest price ……. In this world, if there is “200,000 beth”, it seems that ordinary people can live without working for one year, so if it is 2 million, it will be equivalent to the living expenses for 10 years.

“It’s also a lot of profit…

It can’t be helped that Yuri spilled out with a frightened voice.

“Does Your Majesty Yuri think that is unreasonable for this amount?”

“……is it wrong?”

“If I’m afraid, I think it’s a legitimate market.”

“Hmm … Rubetta, please talk in detail. Apparently, I and Sera have a lot of things that I still don’t understand.”

“That’s right. Mr. Rubetta, could you please teach me?”

Yuri and Sera bowed down and asked. Rubetta looked like a pigeon hit by a peashooter.

“… What is that face?”

Yuri laughed unintentionally at the unexpected reaction.

“Oh, no. What should I say — Your Majesty Yuri is so friendly that I can’t think of her as an empress, and I’m reminded again. Because whether it’s the Kingdom of Eldard or the Principality of Silesia, merchants are basically someone to be pushed around.”

“Oh … if you want to do that, I also can roughly handle it?”

While telling that, Yuri secretly used the magic of [Small Transfer] without chanting, transferred to the immediate side of Rubetta, and gently touched her chin with her fingertips.

Of course, it was just a joke. ――― As soon as Rubetta grasped the situation, her face was instantly dyed crimson.

“If it’s Your Majesty Yuri, I don’t mind how I will be treated…!”

Such words spilled out of Rubetta’s mouth.

“… I’m sorry, Rubetta. I’m glad that you just said I’m “friendly”, so I just wanted to make a little “friendly” joke.”

“Well … joking?”

“I was bad. I’m sorry.”

“Oh no! I knew it! I knew it so don’t worry!”

Rubetta said so and waved her hand  in front of her face.

The reaction was so explicit that her heart would be understood easily by Yuri.

“It was a joke right now, so I’ll try to persuade you again at a later date.”

“… Fa !? Yu, Your Majesty Yuri !?”

“Fufu, please be prepared at best.”


While gently stroking Rubetta’s cheeks, Yuri whispers sweetly in her ears.

Apparently, I— I have no idea why — Rubetta seems to like me.

That was clearly understood by Yuri. Naturally, it was not Yuri who could put up with it.

“Lord … What do you do with the guest you invited to ask for your opinion?”


When she was told by Hotaru, the captain of Sakuraka, she looked at Rubetta again. Before she knew it, Rubetta sank down with her upper body on a long desk, and steam was rising from her head. The expression can’t be seen because she’s lying down, but she can only tell that the ears are dyed bright red even from behind. Apparently embarrassment or something has reached its limit.

“… I’m sorry, Rubetta”


Rubetta is shaking her body with her face down.

The atmosphere that Rubetta usually wears like a “merchant of a good man” can no longer be felt like a lie.

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