Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 038

Hungry Saint

038 Let’s Cook -Summer Vegetable Curry Service-

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

They invite John, who is a little smaller in size, to the house.

Abigail makes a strict pursuit of John, who sits in a dining chair and has a dignified face.

“Hey John. Can you really eat it? It could end badly, you know?”
“No problem”
“Is it really true? If a dog eats an onion, it will die, you know?”
“Oh, that’s okay. I serve Sekaiju, and I’m one of four pillars of phantom beasts, Ice Wolf Fenrir. I’m not a dog — I can eat onions too!”
“OK … then let’s do it.”
“I will help you too!”
“Ah. Cutting the ingredients and removing the lye… There are many things to do.”

In the kitchen, there is a silver pan.
A basket full of ingredients.

Tomatoes that shine brightly and red.
As you can see, it is a thick red, yellow and green pepper that is crisp and taut.
A sweet potato with a very thin skin on an eggplant with a dark blue luster.

All are fresh vegetables freshly picked in the field.

“Oh … it looks good as it is …”
“Wait, John. It will be even better!”
“Abigail-san, what’s the menu today!”
“Ah. All you need to enjoy summer vegetables is curry.”
“Spicy spicy curry roux with plenty of spices, hard-cooked glossy rice … and grilled summer vegetables. This is the strongest set of summer vegetables.”
“Oh …!”
“First of all, it’s from cutting vegetables.”

Following the clever Abigail, Emilia moves the kitchen knife.
Vegetables were peeled and cut in large quantities every day at the monastery, so she is good at it.

“Oops, eggplant is the last, because it’s easy to discolor.”
“OK, Mom!”
“Who is Mom”

First of all, potatoes.
Arrange on the top plate with colorful peppers, roughly cut onions in half, and chicken that has been seasoned with salt and pepper.
Sprinkle with olive oil and grill slowly in the oven.

“This takes the longest time. Throw it in the oven first.”
“Oh … chicken …!”
“Because it’s thigh meat. It gets fat and makes other vegetables get better.”
“looks delicious!”
“Because of my invented ‘solid curry roux’, curry is easy to make. I use a lot of various spices … This roux is a luxury item that I can play and live in the royal capital for a week.”
“Ooooh, Spices…!”

Many spices are very expensive, depending on the type.

Slice the onion. Stir fry in a thick pot. When the color changes gently, add water then wait until boiling..

“And … throw in the roux”

Put curry roux into the pot.
As it melted, there was an appetizing odor immediately.

“… Oh, this fragrant scent …!”

John moves his nose smelling the curry smell.
The tail was shaken, and the feeling of “enjoyment!” Was transmitted from the whole body.
A dog is a dog even if it is big… It seems that onions can be eaten though.

“Huh!!! This is bad!”
“What’s wrong, Abigail-san !?”
“I forgot to cook rice!”
“Wow, oh, that’s bad!”
“Emilia, please. Make it hard!”

Emilia, whose staple food was dried bread, was also impressed by the charm of shiny freshly cooked rice.
It became possible to wash rice by herself and cook it with the rice cooker, which is an invention of Abigail.

“During this time, let’s fried eggplant. Fried eggplant is more juicy than grilled.”

Around the time when the fried eggplant and curry roux that shine with oil were completed, the fragrant smell drifted from the oven.

“The cooked rice was perfect. If you had freshly cooked rice and plenty of well-cooked roux … and the grilled vegetables here and chicken …”
“Wow ah!”
“This is …’cooking’…!”
“Summer vegetable curry is complete!”
“Wow, oh, oh, oh !!!!”

John and Emilia gave a joyful howl.

“Oh, hey! The vegetables are grilled, so it’s not defeated by the taste of the curry. The spices and the sweetness of the vegetables are dancing! John, how about the vegetables in the field?”
“Good … too good … my ice power is powerless before this spicy hotness …!”
“Um … the grilled potatoes are soothing and fluffy with the taste of chicken … it’s a success!”

The curry that filled the pot disappeared into the stomach of Emilia and John in a blink of an eye.

Hungry Saint

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