Yuri Empire – 034

Yuri Empire

034 Training Cost

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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“Um … I’ve silenced Rubetta, so I wonder if Ados will talk about it instead. Maybe you know more about the treatment system of the temple organization than we do.”

“I understand. Well, because of my wife’s chronic illness, I had many opportunities to consult about treatment at the temple, so I think I know more than ordinary people.”

“I’m sorry for your wife who had a hard time, but I’m grateful for that knowledge now.”

Yuri proceeds with the story while looking away from Rubetta, who is still lying on the desk.

Even if Yuri tried to comfort her, it will probably be counterproductive now.

“Simply put, the reason is that even a person who has a “vocation” like a “priest” can only heal a very slight wound with the magic that they can use from the beginning.
I heard that the magic to treat deep injuries or illnesses cannot be mastered unless the person who has obtained the “vocation” has gained experience and raised the level sufficiently. ”

“I see, I can understand that, but … What’s the problem with raising the level?”

“If you want to raise the level intentionally, you need to hunt monsters. The owner of the “vocation” who masters healing magic is a valuable human resource, so it can not do anything too dangerous. In order to ensure the safety of the escort, we must have a number of escorts with sufficient competence.”

It costs money to hire people. That’s not surprising. If you hire many people whose abilities are guaranteed, it will not be cheap.

“In other words, The temple organization is recovering the cost of training the “priest” in the form of medical expenses, like that?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“In that case, free treatment is a bit of a thought.”

The citizens of Nildea will be pleased, but the cathedral loses the opportunity to recover the funds spent on the development of the “priest”.

Yuri thinks that there is no need to give special consideration to people who have no benefit. Since the water lily children have already been taken care of, she feel reluctant to treat the cathedral roughly.

“… I’m holding this matter for the time being. Sera, I’m sorry, but please understand.”

“Yes. I thought too easily that free service would help the other party a little. I was very reluctant to withdraw this matter.”

“It’s a good opportunity to think, so it’s not something that needs to be reflected on.
…The magic that Euclase used the other day may have been a nuisance to the other party. ”

Two weeks ago, on that day when Yuri became one of the pillars of “God,” Yuri ordered Euclase to use the magic of [Full Range Recovery] to confirm that.

As a result, all the injured and sick people in the hospital ward were healed brilliantly. As a result, the other party may have lost the opportunity to collect funds.

(It seems better to apologize to Badantere High Priest later)

If the other party wishes, it may be better to pay the amount equivalent to the treatment cost from the funds stored in the lord’s building.


Yuri ponders for a while while touching her temples with her fingertips.

According to the materials stored in the lord’s building, the cathedral had already been paid the operating budget for one year this year before the “Yuri Empire” occupied the city.

The operation of the cathedral itself is covered by city taxes. Therefore, what you want to recover from the treatment cost is purely the training cost of the <priest>.

In that case — if the cost of training the <priest> disappears, the cathedral will lose the need to pay for medical treatment.

“Is there a good idea, Your Majesty Yuri?”

Looking at Yuri indulging in thought, Ados said so happily.

“Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be called a good idea. I just thought about helping us raise the level of the <priest>.”

“Is that so? But from what I see your face seems like showing a lot of plans.”

“It looks like your eyes are cloudy.”

With a bitter smile, Yuri gave up her shoulders toward Ados.

However, Yuri would be grateful if he could say something so easy like that. Yuri does not want to build a formal relationship with each other conscious of the positions of a ruler and a merchant.

“Then I’ll move on to the next topic. It’s about “food stalls”.

There were many decisions that had to be made regarding food stalls.

First of all, there are many requests from many merchants through the commercial guild that they want to enter the food stall business.
The second is also a request from a merchant through a commercial guild, “I want to buy monster meat too.”
Thirdly, the widows who run the food stalls have reported that they will “expand night business”, and along with that, they have requested that they also handle liquor at the food stalls.

“I wonder if it’s about 20 days since the stalls in the three plazas started. I think it’s about time that the novelty is disappearing … All three places are still very difficult. I’ve been informed that it’s busy.
Rubetta, Ados. I’m supposed to ask the two companies for a small inspection, but what do you think about that? ”

It’s about time Rubetta was revived. Thinking so, Yuri shakes the story.

Rubetta, who was finally raising her face, immediately answered “yes”.

“I and Ados try to visit several times a day. I feel that the number of customers is not declining, but even increasing. Especially around noon, which is the time of meal, the sun goes down. By that time, it’s getting pretty crowded every day. ”

“That’s right. It seems that the ladies who are turning the food stalls are also working without being busy. However, it seems that they are making money as much as they are busy and that they are rewarding.”

“If it’s prosperous, that’s fine.”

In response to the words of the two, Yuri nodded with a smile.

It has been notified to the widows who run the stalls that they are free to take a break when they want to take a break from business. If the situation becomes unacceptable, it will not be overwhelmed.

“I wonder if the people in charge of cleaning can tell me that it’s okay to cut corners from today.”

“I’m going to cut corners …? It’s crowded, so I think it’s better to have the cleaning staff do their best.”

“Anyway, the magic of [purification] will make it beautiful.”

The place where people gather is the one that gets polluted, but the magic of [purification] used by water lilies cleans everything together.

In the future, it would be okay if the people in charge of cleaning deal with only those that are not treated by [Purification].

“The first is that there are many merchants who want to enter the food stall business. They can do whatever they want with the food stalls themselves. — However, of course, they can only do it within the range of the rented land.”

This “rented land” is almost synonymous with “private land”.

In this world, basically every country, the right to own land is granted only to aristocrats. Therefore, the common people will rent land from the aristocrats and build stores and houses after promising to pay a fixed amount every year in the form of “rented land”.

By the way, in the city of Nildea, all of the land is owned by Yuri.

This is because the current Nildea is occupied by the “Yuri Empire”, and there are no aristocrats in the “Yuri Empire”. It no longer makes sense to know who owned the land before the occupation.

“I see. If you do it, you can do it on your own land. If that happens, there is almost no point in doing business at a food stall.”

“Well, yeah. If you’re doing business on your land, it would be wise to build a store normally.”

After all, food stalls are delicious because they can be operated in places like open spaces and roads without having land.

And it is at the discretion of the governor, Yuri, whether or not to allow business on public land. Honestly, Yuri can’t be enthusiastic because if you admit it poorly, the stalls that are currently open in the open space may become a place for competition or hinder the traffic on public roads.

In the first place, there is no reason for Yuri to make a concession for the mobs merchants who flocked to see the stalls prospering and try to “bite one”.

“I will reject the merchant’s request. Rubetta, Ads. Do you have any objections?”

“No. If you admit it, there will be some trouble and I think it’s a wise decision.”

“I have no objection, either.”

“Then, that’s right. Oh, but if Rubetta and Ados want to enter the food stall business, that’s a different story. Remember, I’m ready to make concessions.”

When Yuri said so, Rubetta showed a slightly surprised face.

“Are you sure? Ah — No, I don’t think I will enter.”

“I’m the one who favors my relatives.”

Yuri said so openly without any hesitation.

I will not give up at all to the mobs merchants, but I will give up as much as I can for the two people who are indebted. If anything, I will accept the rental of “Stall stall kit”.

“How about Ads? Are you not interested?”

“That’s right… To be honest, I’m a little interested. I visited a few days ago, but the “new city” currently under construction looks quite wide and has plenty of land. I may want to try a little after the move. ”

“Yes, I understand. If that’s the case, let’s talk again after the city relocates. Remember, if you bring one of the sweets as a souvenir, I’ll give you permission right away. Please

“Huh, let’s definitely remember.”

Ados nodded while smiling happily.

By taking Ochimizu, the appearance has regained a lot of youth. The gentle smile of Ados seemed to have a charm that reassured the viewer, remind her  of her favorite grandfather.

Yuri Empire

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. I can’t wait when the kingdom send army and try to take their land back with almost no information.

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