Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 039

Hungry Saint

039 “Fenrir-Branded Refrigerator”

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“I’m satisfied …!”
“John ate a lot”

John shook his tail in front of the shiny plate.

“Huh… it was delicious.”
“Emilia eat a lot as always, yeah”
“Because Abigail’s food is delicious! Curry the best!”
“… Abigail, I have a question.”
“What, John?”
“This spicy curry and vegetables were hot to the end. How does this keep the temperature?”
“Oh, this uses a temperature-maintaining magic circle.”
“Huh, it’s the work of children of humans huh!?”

There is a box in the kitchen to keep warm things warm.
It is one of the magic tools developed by Abigail.

At the bazaar in Merrill City, it is used by hawkers who sell bento boxes.

However, many chefs who set up shops like sausage baguettes said, “If so, it would be better to warm the iron plate with fire, it’s easy to understand,” and it hasn’t become widespread.

“I thought it was a human child who used precious manna and magical power only for fighting and destroying, but you are different.”
“Conflict huh… foolish”

Abigail turned away and quickly lowered the plate.
Emilia thinks.
Abigail is a very kind witch, but she always feels lonely somewhere …

(Abigail-san… Somehow, she looks like she’s always looking for someone who isn’t here.)

Emilia sure there was something in the past. She thinks that every person has a wound.
――Like Emilia grew up without knowing the warmth of her family.

“Hmm… but maybe my tension is too high.”
“What happened, Abigail-san?”
“Oh, I have all the tomatoes left over.”

Red and glossy tomatoes piled up in a colander.
They made a tomato salad with the curry, but it seems that it was still left over.

“When making curry, it might have been good to stir-fry it with onions and use it as a base … It’s hot now, so I’d like to eat it early.”
“In winter, vegetables and meat last a long time, but … what is John?”
“If it’s cold, the food will last longer. What can we do with the magic circle of temperature maintenance?”
“Ah … it’s easy to heat things with magic, but it’s difficult to “cool” the temperature. Ice magic is advanced and consumes a lot of magical power. If you have a magical power tank like Emilia, the story is different to keep cooling all the time. ”
“Then, should that box be cold?”

Screaming confidently, John walks up to the box engraved with the magic circle of “Temperature Maintenance”.
When John shook, the fur of the whole body was turned upside down and trembled.
The room is filled with hail and cold air, and flows into the “box” engraved with the magic circle of temperature maintenance.

“Well, this is– !?”
“I’m Fenrir, the Ice Wolf, John … I’ll give you this authority as a tribute to Emilia’s pure magic and Abigail’s delicious curry rice!”
“Wow, that’s amazing, John!”

The magical power of John’s ice is sucked into the box.
The temperature maintenance magic team is functioning and circulating cold air.

“Wow, that’s amazing! Since the magic circle has a lot of Emilia’s magical power, it will be calculated that this cold air can be maintained for a few years.”
“Then, the inside of that box is always cold!”
“Wow …!”
“Great, John! This is an invention, a big invention! I’ve developed a new magic tool!”
“Abigail, if you’re thankful, I’ve already received delicious vegetable curry … but if you really want to …”
“Is it your head? You just want me to stroke your head !?”
“Um, I beg you”
“Yeah, great John! It was great!”

Yoshi yoshi yoshi…

“Wow, I want to stroke it too! Good John, it was great!”

Kyun, waun.
Fenrir, who showed the magical power of ice, is rolling around, showing his stomach.
After stroking John alone, Abigail stares at the box containing the cold air.

“Now you can store the ingredients for a long time during the summer-let’s give this magic tool a name, right?”
“Cool cold box …!”
“Emilia, that’s a bit rejected.”
“Wow, was that so?”
“–Okay, I decided. The name of this magic tool, the box that contained the cold air… is ‘refrigerator’!”

-Later, Emilia and others still don’t know that this “Fenrir-branded refrigerator” will become an unprecedented blockbuster product in the bazaar of Merrill City, and eventually in the continent, and will bring huge wealth to the sausage baguette company that sold it.

Hungry Saint

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