Yuri Empire – 035

Yuri Empire

035 There are Many Rare Materials

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Translator: Lilia v3.0
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“Then next. Regarding the case where the merchant has requested that want to buy the devil’s meat. There is no other reason to give the merchants convenience … I will reject it if there is nothing in particular. Does anyone have an opinion? ”

“It’s not an opinion, but if the only place where we can eat meat is only at the food stalls, people who don’t live near the square may be in trouble.”

In response to Yuri’s words, the captain of “Red Plum (Kobai)”, Hotaru, said so.

Nildea is a circle-shaped city, but there are only three squares where food stalls are located in the center, east, and west of the city. Therefore, for those who live on the north or south side of the city, the three squares are all a little far away. It would be difficult to walk for tens of minutes on a round trip just for meals.

“That’s right. If we want to increase the satisfaction of the citizens, should we expand it to some extent?”

This time, Primula, the captain of “Red Rose (Enclaise)”, expressed her opinion.

Yuri is, aside from merchants, she doesn’t mind giving the meat to the citizens.


She doesn’t mind but — Yuri isn’t enthusiastic because she is reluctant to “accept the merchant’s request as it is” in the first place.

Unlike the case of the “stall” mentioned earlier, you can get the “demon meat” by purchasing it through the “sweeper guild” without asking Yuri anyaway. However, the reason why they have been asking Yuri to give them is because the merchants want to get the monster’s meat “cheaply”.

It is already widely recognized by the residents of Nildea that Yuri is actively “destroying” the demons. If you can get precious monster meat from Yuri cheaply and stably, you can definitely make a big profit. The point is that they don’t have much trouble, they just want to come up with a delicious story.

If you make one concession to such people, you will be forced to make three or four concessions next — Yuri feels like she can see such a future, and just doesn’t like it.

“Rubetta. I think your “Rostine Shokai” was doing business quite extensively. After all, you also run a food-related store, right?”

“Ah, yes. There are a certain number of stores that sell food itself, stores that cook and sell food, and restaurants that serve food in the store…”

“Let’s sell monster meat exclusively to your company.”

“This is a thankful story for our company … Is that okay?”


She just decided to leave the food stalls to Ados.

The details will be discussed after the relocation of the city is completed, but probably the “Tormark Shokai”, chaired by Ados, will make a reasonable profit by operating the stalls. If so, it is better to leave the matter related to monster meat to Rubetta. A merchant is the most reliable partner as long as she gives enough profit.

“We, the Yuri Empire, only sell monster meat to the Rostine Shokai, but you can sell it to other merchants via the Rostine Shokai. Please use it as one of the seeds for earning at best.”

“That’s going to make a lot of fortune.”

“It’s a good thing, isn’t it? I just don’t want to think about storing goods and I don’t feel like giving wealth to a rotting idiot. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich.”

Rubetta would wisely consume the wealth she had earned as a merchant and turn the economy around. It’s just a good thing for Yuri.

“There is a large amount of monster meat in stock, so please come and pick it up anytime. If you catch a child in a maid outfit at the lord’s house, let’s get it. Partita, please do that. Is it okay? ”

“I understand. We will share the stockpiled monster meat with all of “Nadeshiko”, and when we receive a request from a person related to Rostine Shokai, we will promptly trade.”

“I’m counting on you. It doesn’t matter how much you sell to Rostine Shokai at whatever other party’s asking for the price.
Ah, but — Is it okay to have request for Rubetta? ”

“Yes, please say anything.”

“It’s okay to buy monster meat at the same price as scraps. I’d be happy if you sell it as cheaply as possible to the citizens. Instead, when reselling it to another merchant I don’t mind if you charge as much as you want. ”

“I see … I understand.”

“Let’s move on to the next story.”

Yuri takes the initiative to close the topic.
There are many agenda items today, so she can’t spend too much time on one thing.

“There are a lot of reports from the widows who run the food stalls that they will expand their night business. It seems that there are many customers who want to open at night, and they want to respond to that.
So, of course, the people who run the stalls are free, and if you get a report, you can arrange a cleaning staff for the night. The problem is that there is a request to ‘sell liquor at the stalls’ when expanding nighttime business. ”

“It seems that some people will make noise even at night.”

“Security is likely to deteriorate.”

“In the end, that’s what’s important.”

Yuri agrees with the problems that Rubetta and Ads immediately raised.

It’s natural, but alcohol intoxicates people. It is not difficult to imagine that people with loose swords will gather in the plaza, causing problems such as noise and fights.

“I think it’s best to enjoy sake quietly.”

It was Sakura, the captain of “Sakuraka”, who leaked with deep emotion.

The children of Sakuraka enjoyed a drink somewhere in the lord’s building at night, almost every day. Most of the time, they just drank with the moon and the night sky as a side dish, and it was very quiet. From their point of view, it may be difficult for those who start making noise as soon as they get liquor.

“Shall we make a barrier so that the noise does not leak out?”

“I know that’s the quickest thing to do but…”

Yuri suffers while showing an understanding of Hotaru’s words.

Certainly, if you wrap the plaza with a [sound insulation barrier] that the children of “Red Plum (Koumei)” can develop, no matter how noisy it is, noise will not leak out of the plaza at all. So half of the problem is cleared up quickly.

“Partita. There wasn’t much stock of green stones, right?”

“I remember it was about 810.”

[Sound Insulation Barrier] consumes materials called “white stone” and “green stone” when it is deployed. Neither of these two is an expensive material. Items with “stone” in the name are items generated inside the monster’s body. White stone can be easily obtained by defeating non-elemental monsters of level 50 or lower, and Green stone by defeating wind-type monsters of level 50 or lower. ..

There was no rarity at all, and in “Atros Online”, it was an item that could be easily purchased by using the market.

―――― However, that is why the “Yuri Empire” only has a small stockpile of “Green Shell Stone”.

In “Yuri Empire” where the highest level characters are gathered, there was almost no chance to hunt low level monsters that would drop this material, and they never collected them on their own. However, there is no need to bother to purchase and stockpile items that can be obtained at low prices at any time.

The “white stone” is a material that is very often used in various production recipes, and it would be troublesome to buy it at the market, so they stockpiled about 50,000 pieces. Since there are few production recipes for that required “green stone”, it was just right to buy it at the market after it was needed.

“Hotaru, how many green stones do you need to wrap the three squares with a [sound insulation barrier]?”

“That’s right. Is it enough to have 80 of the largest central squares and 50 of each of the other two squares?”

“180 in all …”

In the current situation where it is difficult to re-obtain materials, she is a little hesitant. At least, she doesn’t feel like consuming it for the current Nildea. This is because it is definitely disposable in the current situation where it is decided to move the city in the near future.

“Hmm … I’m currently rejecting the provision of liquor at food stalls. Let’s consider again, including whether or not to develop a barrier after the city relocation is complete.”

“Is that okay?”

“That’s all for the agenda related to domestic affairs. Let’s move on to the “fishy” case that was postponed. Partita.”

“Yes, my master.”

“How many mice have invaded Nildea so far?”

Needless to say, this “mouse” refers to a “spy” from the Kingdom of Eldart.

“The total number will be 208. Of these, 106 will be handed over to the “Kuroyuri (Nostria)” in order to make them “nutrients”, and the remaining 102 will be bred in the basement of the new city.”

“Hey, it’s increased…”

“At one point, double-digit mice came every day.”

Yuri is a little impressed that the Eldart Kingdom has so many spies. Well, the spy who sent in was detected by the children of “Nadeshiko”, and the area where they were caught seems quite stupid.

“The last time the spy was sent in was nine days ago. Since then, the spy’s invasion seems to have disappeared.”


Partita said it was nothing, but it seems to be quite important information. If Yuri expected it — it would be proof that the actions of the Eldart Kingdom went one step further.

“I have a personal opinion, but I’d like to hear your opinions first.”

Telling that, Yuri looks at Rubetta and Ads. Then, they responded by nodding at the same time as if they showed each other.

“It’s going to be a war.”

“I’m going to be attacked”

“Thank you, both of us. My view is exactly the same.”

Yuri also nods to the words of the two.

War is inevitable as long as one wants. As long as there is a strong fighting spirit over there, Yuri doesn’t feel like thinking about options other than fighting.

However, it will probably be a one-sided “genocide” that is just called “war” in the not too distant future.

Yuri Empire

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