Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 040

Hungry Saint

040 Incident of Serenade Monastery ③ ~Great Saint Riera Haruto~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

――On the other hand, around that time.

Tenka Church Headquarters.
Cantarella-Deo Cathedral.

Tenka religion’s “Great Saint” Riera, Canariera Haruto was sitting on the throne.
Although the age is 35, the beauty of appearance has not diminished at all. The long blonde on the floor is constantly being groomed by her aides, the monk girls.

――The Great Saint is a symbol of Tenka religion and the supreme leader.

At the age of 18, Riera became a “Saint” and continued her journey of alms all over the world, but due to her extraordinary magical power, beauty and charisma, she was summoned to become the Cardinal, the center of Tenka religion, without waiting for her to be 20 years old.

It has already been 10 years since she became the supreme leader, “The Great Saint”.

Both in name and reality, it is the core of the Tenka Church.

“–Is this the list of ‘Saint Apprentices’ who turned 18 this year?”

“Yes. Among them, they are excellent daughters who deserve to be “saints”. We would like to use these as “saints” of the Tenka religion, and to seek permission from the great saint Riera.”

“Let’s see”

Tenka religion is a religion that began to prosper when the mana that filled the atmosphere around the world diminished.

They have gathered faith by worshiping the [Holy Mother of the Heaven], who is considered to be the incarnation of the world tree that sprinkles mana, and dispatching “Saints” who share magical powers all over the world.

However, recently, it has become popular in aristocratic society to send a daughter to a monastery to obtain the status of “Saint”. A daughter with the rank of a saint can be a trump card for a political marriage. Aristocratic daughters do not run around the world for evangelism and service, even when they become “saints”. It’s just about being hypocritical in the territory as a “saint”.

However, the monasteries of Tenka religion do not stop recruiting saint apprentices from aristocratic homes. Because by accepting their daughter, the monastery can receive a large amount of donations from the aristocrats. In a nutshell, it’s corruption. A “saint” who performs a healing miracle by sharing the magical power in her body with others is originally a life-threatening task. It’s foolish to give a title of “Saint” for those who do not do that.

Flip, flip.
Turn over the list. While mechanically signing the approval, the Great Saint Riera was looking for a name.

“Great Saint, this is the last on this list. As expected of the Serenade Convent, all “Apprentice Saints” meet the criteria for promotion to Saints this year! Poverty, diligence, and magical power in the body are enough– ”

“It’s weird”

“What happened, Riera-sama?”

“It’s weird, no list has that girl’s name…!”

“that girl……?”

“…She’s supposed to be 18 this year, but I can’t believe that the talent of that girl isn’t a candidate for ‘Saint’.”

Riera grasps the list she had in her hand.
There is a dry sound.

“Riera-sama …!?”

“What happened to that girl? The miracle child I picked up at the foot of the Reimine Olympias!”

“Sorry, maybe there was a mistake?”

“The girl I picked up as an orphan and I always told her to be a ‘saint apprentice’ and entrusted her to the most rigorous and prestigious Serenade Women’s Order.”

“I will confirm it soon!”

“Yes. Look for her. That miracle daughter — Emilia Mercurio!”

Hungry Saint

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