Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 041

Hungry Saint

041 The End of the Serenade Monastery

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Serenade Convent.
The 18-year-old “apprentice saints” are waiting for the result of the application for promotion to saints.

“Haah! Finally goodbye to this shabby monastery.”

“Really. I was tired of Cocona’s good girl act.”

“Ah, I want to go back to the mansion and have an afternoon tea.”

“Yeah. If I become a saint, my father will buy anything.”

“I envy you, you’re the duke’s lady.”

In the room of the 18-year-old apprentice saints, such a conversation began in the morning.
The girls who have already passed the season as apprentices are freed from daily labor.
After that, just wait for the result.

(… I’m sure I’ll be the “Saint” in the lead, that’s why I kicked her out …)

Cocona is staring at the outside of the window.
She won’t join the chatter of other apprentices — although they are now looking at Cocona now. Even if Cocona tried to join, she’ll be ignored.

(The messenger hasn’t arrived to tell the result yet… Given the distance from the central cathedral to this point, it’s about to come.)

A high wall surrounding the Serenade Convent.
The gate opened.
It is a visitor from the outside.

“…They’re here”

It’s already evening.

At this time, it may not be a trader or a visitor.


“Oh, I want to take off this apprentice’s clothes quickly!”

“Really. The one who is grateful for this kind of clothes is only that girl. I wonder what it was …”

“Slacker Emilia, I guess!”

“Oh yeah, Emilia. It was really hard because I was forced to take care of a lot of things, it’s because of somebody’s fault who kicked out the slacker.”

“I’ll give it to my father”

Cocona ears couldn’t hear the abusive words from everyone.
She ran to the entrance of the monastery at glance.
She wanted to know the result quickly — about her becoming a “Saint” at the top!


“Nah …! The, The Great Saint !?”

Cocona stops astonishingly.

It was the Supreme Leader of the Tenka religion, the Great Saint, Riera Haruto, who came down from the carriage.

The Serenade monastery became noisy.

It is impossible for the Great Saint to visit one of the monasteries in such a remote area without prior notice.

“–Let’s ask, the abbot. Excuse me but there is an apprentice saint who should be in this Serenade monastery… where is Sister Emilia?”

“Hmm… eh, Sister Emilia?”

“It’s the year that she became 18 years old. The applicant for promotion from this monastery to a saint didn’t have her name. Not long ago, she was certainly enrolled, according to the records of the Central Cathedral.”

“That … she left this monastery.”

“What? say it again. Abbot.”

“Huh! Well … Sister Emilia has left this monastery. At the suggestion of Sister Cocona who is standing there!”


Cold, like shooting through — a pure line of sight shoots through Cocona.

Cocona was completely atrophied by the dignity and beauty of the Great Saint Riera Haruto.

“I… I did make a suggestion about her training attitude, but the one who decided and declared is…!”

“Sister Cocona, don’t make a noise. It’s in front of the Great Saint!”


Cold silence.
Riera slowly opens her mouth.

“Sister Cocona. Follow me to the Central Cathedral. I want to hear from you.”


A messenger ran in.

“Message, message!”

“What is it?”

“Hmm, the guardian beast of the world tree-the ice wolf Fenrir has awakened, the Tower of Hoshimi has concluded!”

“……What was that”

“Repeat… Guardian Beast Fenrir, Awakening!”

Riera silently boarded the carriage.

Cocona was also grabbed by her servant and pushed into a poor carriage different from Riera.

“…I forgot to say, I will reject all “Saint” applications from this year’s Serenade monastery. No one should leave the monastery until I know what’s going on.”

The Great Saint Riera told her priest.
――With this order, the long-standing history of the Serenade Convent will end.

Hungry Saint

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