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Yuri Empire

036 The Dragon is a “Disaster”

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/38/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“That … Why do both Yuri-sama and you know that the other party is attacking just because the spy is no longer sent?”

It was Sera, the captain of “Water Lily (Suiren)”, who asked that question. The character of Sera, who has the profession of <Saint (Adela)>, is in the opposite of the fighting scene. It may be natural that she doesn’t understand.

“In the first place, the reason why the kingdom is sending spies is ‘preliminary investigation for war’. How many troops of the ‘Yuri Empire’ stationed in the city of Nildea,  and what is the quality of the equipment that is being used by them. they want to know the information about that before actually fighting.”

“Hmm… if you just say the number of people I think there are only 360 people in total in the Yuri Empire…?”

“Well, what Sera says is true, but the other person won’t get that information, because our counterintelligence is perfect.”

“I am sorry”

In response to Yuri’s words, Partita bowed a little. Nildea’s counterintelligence is carried by her unit, “Nadeshiko”.

“Rather, because the spies sent by the kingdom don’t come back,  they might be guessing that the soldiers in the city of Nildea are a bigger army than they expected.”

“Is that so? Even though there are only 360 people …”

“Yeah, there are only 360 people.”

It was funny and Yuri laughed while nodding to Sera’s words.

However, the 360 people who are proud of the “Yuri Empire” have enough strength to defeat the poor army. Even if the kingdom thinks so, it is not an overestimate.

“The reason why spies have stopped coming eight days ago is that the kingdom has given up and stopped the investigation. Naturally, that will take one step forward.”

“… What is the next stage?”

“For the kingdom, Nildea is a land of ‘their own territory’ from the beginning. Since it was robbed, there is no option other than regaining it. If they give up regaining it, the fame of the kingdom itself will fall to the ground. They will be despised by neighboring countries.
Therefore, the next action on the premise of war. In other words, even if they fight head-on with an opponent whose number of troops is unknown, they will rush to recruit to get the number of troops they can win. Of course, at the same time, they will also secure food for the soldiers to carry.”

Yuri said so, Rubetta and Ados nodded slowly.
If the two agreed, it seems that Yuri’s idea is generally correct.

“But I can’t even predict how many troops the kingdom will actually prepare. What do Rubetta and Ads think about that?”

“Well … Probably the number of troops sent by the kingdom is about 40,000. After all, it would be good to think that one city like Nildea could support 20,000 troops in a short period of time. Send twice as many troops. If you can win, you will step on it.”

“I expect the kingdom to have about 50,000 troops. Nildea has no food-producing facilities like fields or barns inside the barrier, so if the city is blocked, we will rely on stockpiles for food. However, Nildea is originally densely populated, and if it has enough troops, the food consumption rate will be considerable — the other party will think that it should be brought to the short-term decisive battle. , If you want to mobilize enough troops to carry out the city siege, 40,000 is a little uneasy. If so, about 50,000. ”

“I see, it’s very helpful. So what do you expect about the invasion time?”

“It will take two weeks to recruit and secure food, but I’m sure they’ve been taking action for a few days…. Considering the number of days it takes to travel from the royal capital to Nildea, it’s probably in the summer. I think it’s about the 15th to 20th of the month. ”

“I agree. It’s okay to see that it takes.”

If Rubetta and Ads agree, the prediction is likely to be accurate.

It will take more than 2 weeks, Yuri sighs inwardly. She wants to finish the troubles early, but it seems she can’t just do that.

She thinks she should attack from here.

If she sends one unit, she can win without any problems. It doesn’t take long to move because it flies in the sky and attacks, and everything will be finished in a day or two.

(— No. The kingdom will be used as the material for “broadcasting”, so it would be waste.)

Shaking her head, Yuri shakes off her thoughts.

She’s still very struggling with the story of “Telepathy Broadcasting” that she sends to the citizens of Nildea on a daily basis. There is no way to not to take advantage of the great opportunity of war.

“By the way, Her Majesty Yuri. There seems to be a lot of rumors among the citizens of Nildea that the kingdom is about to start a war.”

“Oh, is that so? It’s not that the spy deliberately let it go … I think it’s a rumor that spread naturally.”

“Probably so. Anyone can imagine the kingdom trying to regain the city that was robbed.”

“Hmm … I hope the citizens aren’t worried.”

If the kingdom were to attack, the citizens would imagine the Yuri Empire fighting for defense using the Nildea barrier.

The army of the “Yuri Empire” camps on the barrier and rains arrows, and the kingdom responds to the soldiers on the barrier. Naturally, some arrows will fall into the city and damage the citizens. Also, if the kingdom uses range attack magic, it is also likely to involve citizens living near the barrier.

―――― I hope the citizens who think that way do not feel uneasy.

“No, Your Majesty. Rather, the citizens seem to be optimistic that the ‘Yuri Empire’ will quickly dispel the kingdom’s army, even before the war starts.”

“… Is that so? It’s surprising, though.”

“Many of the citizens have actually witnessed the “Yuri Empire” riding a dragon and attacking Nildea. A dragon is a “disaster monster”, and irresistible existence . It seems that the citizens think that the dragon used by the “Yuri Empire” will protect them no matter how large the kingdom attacks. ”

“Mu …”

In response to the words of Ados, Sakura, the captain of “Sakuraka”, screamed in dissatisfaction.

No, it’s not just Sakura. Parfe, the captain of “Himeyuri (Patia)”, Hera, the captain of “Shirayuri (Estia)”, and Cassia, the captain of “Kuroyuri (Nostia)”. If you look at it, most of the combat commanders of the “Yuri Empire” have a lot of dissatisfaction on their faces.

“…What happened, everyone?”

“Nothing, Mr. Ados”

Even Sera, the captain of “Water lily (Suiren)” who answered so to the words of Ados who asked mysteriously, has a slightly dissatisfied tone.

(No wonder)

Yuri sighs in her heart.

Like many RPGs, the monster “dragon” was treated specially in the game of “Atros Online” and was often a mighty existence.  However, most dragons are about “level 300” in strength, except for individuals who are “boss monsters” such as the dragon Lagradorf. For a level 200 non-combat profession, Nadeshiko, Kikyo, and Rindo, will definitely have a hard time. On the other hand, for the other nine units, which are apt fighters, they are opponents who can “win one by one without danger”.

Citizens rely on “dragons” rather than themselves. In other words, the fact that they are considered weaker than the “dragon” seems unpleasant to them.

―――― However, that is unavoidable.

Yuri is calling on the citizens to “evacuate to their homes” in a telepathic manner when dropping the city of Nildea. So the citizens could not see the “Yuri Empire” fighting the Kingdom Army at all.

In addition, Yuri has ordered everyone in the “Yuri Empire” to “do not pollute the walls and ground with the blood of the enemy” when conducting an invasion battle in order not to scare the citizens. Citizens can’t imagine the actual battle of everyone in the Yuri Empire, as there are no traces of battle left in the city.

As a result of the combination of these factors, the conquest of Nildea was achieved by some sort of paranormal power possessed by the dragon, which is feared as a “disaster” in this world. It’s convenient like that.

“Lord! Please leave everything to “Sakuraka” for the next war! You don’t have to bother other people, I’ll kill them all with my troops alone!”

“No, my sister! Please order “Himeyuri (Patia )” by all means! If sister “broadcasts” our brilliant troops fighting, the citizens should recognize the strength and beauty of the “Yuri Empire”!”

“Yuri-sama, leave it to us “Yellow Rose (Nilclaise)”! If you shoot through all the enemies before approaching the city, the citizens will fall down to our strength!”

“— Shut up”

When Yuri said a word in a low voice, the place calmed down in an instant.

She understands everyone’s feelings, but there are things that She can’t give up.

“‘Yuri Empire’ is all about me. The fact that it is rated lower than ‘dragon’ by the public is the same as being insulted that I am inferior to ‘dragon’.
This time around, everyone’s hands are not needed. ――― I’m enough alone. Let’s crush all the enemy soldiers who came, whether 40,000 or 50,000, with a single blow.”

“Oh, my sister. Maybe use ‘mystery’?”

“Yes. I don’t feel the need to adjust.”

The words of Yuri who answered immediately leaked a voice of admiration from everyone in the “Yuri Empire”.

In “Atros Online”, when the character reaches the limit “Level 200”, only one special skill called “Ultimate Mystery” can be acquired.

At the moment when the level reaches 200, a list of “ultimate mysteries” that can be acquired is displayed, and one of them can be selected and acquired. The “Ultimate Mystery” that someone has acquired will be deleted from the list and will never be acquired by others.

In other words, it is a first-come-first-served basis, and it is a unique skill that only a specific individual has.

Yuri’s profession <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)> is a profession that did not exist at the beginning of the game of “Atros Online”.

It was implemented about a year after Yuri started the game, at the same time as the item “Book of Bond” was added to the S-class rare prize of Gacha. Needless to say, in order to change jobs to <Bond Chain Master>, this “Book of Bond” is required.

And Yuri was a player who achieved “Level 200” earlier than anyone else in the profession of <Bond Chain Master>. So, of course, all the “ultimate mysteries” are on the list, and Yuri was able to acquire the most powerful skills before anyone else.

Although it is a <Bond Chain Master> whose main skill is support and convenience, it causes more devastating destruction than any other occupation — it is the only and strongest attack that only Yuri can exercise.

“If you show it to me, the citizens will understand which is stronger, me or the dragon.”

Fortunately, Yuri’s “Ultimate Mystery” has such a strong impact.

“Ultimate Mystery” does not consume magical power when exercised, but once used, it cannot be reused for 100 days.

So it can’t be abused, but when it can be used, it should be used without hesitation.

Yuri Empire

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